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    1.Arch Support Inserts

    Model M+3(1)
    Main Material Sublimated Graphic Velvet + Orange Poliyun + Polyester Fabric Bottom + Hot-melt Adhesive for Heatmoldable
    SIZE U.S. MEN 6# – 12+
    EU: 35 – 46#
    MOQ 1000prs
    2. Product Introduction of Arch Support Inserts

    This is one athletic orthotic insoles. It is the best choice for sports and healthy life.
    Insole arch have offer excellent arch support combined with cool fibre upper to keep feet cool, comfortable and dry and provide portection for your feet against fungus and odour.
    Bio – mechanics design can help to correct weight distribution and posture problems and to provide optimum protection from shocks and impact.
    We offer custom insoles and prefabricate insoles service. Please contact us through our email, we will contact you for the first time.

    Q: Will orthotic insoles correct my foot problem?
    A: Orthotic insoles correct the position and motion of your foot. This may prevent the development of pain and disability and the development of additional deformity. Orthotics will not change the underlying structure of the adult foot. If the orthotics are not worn, abnormal foot function will return. Dress Orthotic Insoles factory