If I remember correctly grouping up actually increased the drop rate of cheap wow classic gold quest items. Not 100% sure but if that is the case I expect mechanics such as that are made obvious to gamers in some way because it had been frustrating coming because they wanted all the XP / loot across a player who refused to set quests.

That frustration on launch day by 1000x. Actually I won’t even care. I’ll just be glad to see Vanilla being played by everyone again.Back in the day people use to open tickets over equipment ALL the time. When a hunter was a gun or bow and group dropped if the priest or priest got it there was going to be a ticket started. If two friends went in they would require everything and then make a ticket traded over. You enter that and the ninja looting problem. It folks mistreated it back and they will again, at least blizzard GM’s can concentrate on real issues.

WoW Classic, because I just wasn’t introduced into light’s hope gold at the time and I never have played with. I always have been quake mostly fps participant, installed myself and can’t play with it – it’s only fucking shit that was pixeled – IT’S NOT A GAME I LOVED. I run it, downloaded Blood. Damn, it looks like shit. All fucking celebration updated mod that was graphic. Finished all chapters. My point is – if we was kids, it was – I thought it’s a graphic on earth, how cool is that. I like these games for a game!