Guilds get to get a guild home area. In this area, you receive quests and Maplestory M Mesos can add shops, assistants. As your guild levels and ranks up, you can buy unique looks for your group residence. It takes an enormous amount of mesos in order to do this. It is well worth it at the end to have an area which may fit with your guild’s motif if it’s one.

There’s a battle royale style in Maple Story 2 known as Mushking Royale. This has seasons though in the present time it is still not busy Since it is with BR names. From my experience in the closed beta, then you will start with floating in a air balloon jumping out over a big map.

You may find items to pick up and toss at other players as well as combat with monsters in the area for thing drops to use. There are towers situated around the map which will sound off when a player is near. This mode has some fun for this can take a little getting used to because you do not use your daily course skills.

With all that this game has come to buy Maple M Mesos offer my fun has been discovered by me in it. I know the cutesy depiction of this might be a turn off for many who enjoy realistic or more cartoon-like images which are not heavily anime-influenced but don’t let this fool you. MapleStory 2 provides excellent dungeons, amazing boss battles, fantastic class diversity and so far a fairly decent story. Stories develop over time and thus does match.