The EPFL has been critical of UEFA since being left out of key talks on MaplestoryM Mesos changing Champions League entries and prize money distribution. A deal between the EPFL and UEFA to avoid schedule clashes expired last month.The English representative on the UEFA executive committee, David Gill, sought to play down the rift over scheduling.”

There’s perhaps a lot of saber-rattling at the moment, but ultimately I think common sense will prevail and there’ll be a sensible relationship,” Gill said. “That will unfold over the next few months.”Ceferin also said UEFA was considering action on sexual abuse in youth soccer after numerous accusations in Britain over recent months.”We cannot shut our eyes.

Ceferin said. “The solutions we are exploring include a charter, the more benefit establishment of records, training and education for players and coaches, legal aid for victims and lobbying the European institutions regarding statutes of limitation.”The UEFA Congress unanimously approved a package of reforms proposed by Ceferin requiring the organization’s top officials to also hold positions in their own countries’ national association. There will also be a limit of three four-year terms at UEFA.

The measures aim to make sure officials aren’t “out of touch with reality,” Ceferin said.FIFA President Gianni Infantino attended the congress and said Ceferin’s election last year had ended years of feuding between the governing bodies.”