I agree completely and this is a huge dumb problem but what I believe’s annoying is most likely not enough men and women are gonna be angry about this, such as most of ESOM Gold the gaming community appeared to continuously hiss and scratch Shadow of War for its micro-transactions whatever the fact that it didn’t affect online play and they were not necessary to buy all but I don’t see a whole lot of folks complaining about this and I wish I understood why.I feel like most of the cellular games are like this, sure theres some that you dont need to cover however. The majority of them you’ll need, The Elder Scrolls Blades which im currently playing you get jewels once in a week (with fortune. You dont get jewels with a timer its random, so you can perform a month and not even get them) and you also get like 4 gems, but you receive a good deal of chests to open and all of these are like 40/75/100++ stone, theres any at 9 gems but are pure shit, 80% of the shop things are bought with gems, prices. , so its hopeless and im playing, its slow , but cellular games for me are games that you play like 15min to 1hour.

Okay this will be my next comment, this one is more objectionable, your friend put 60hrs into a mobile game that has been out for about 5 days, yes because that’s what normal people do if they get a cell game just pointing that out, that is probably why he has so many chests since he keeps getting new ones not letting his supply fall down for a bit, because recall mobile games aren’t intended to be played continuously, and I’m not up to your buddy like I haven’t sunk 60hrs into it but I did notice just how annoying it is to grind for building stuff, and the stadium is not out yet so it might not be as cover to triumph, The Elder Scrolls Blades is just new so it hasn’t run its entire course yet and no one has progressed far enough to buy TESO Blades Gold see if it becomes too hard or should we capture the legendary firearms, we do not know if they will make weapons better or worse that’s the point behind early access, let’s just wait and see.