You took out this video but it gonna address the silver chest issue that’s been popping up The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold haha. I’m wondering what is gonna happen. As for the pay to win component. The firearms are shit and are not worth paying for. You get much better equipment through playing with the matches aren’t made for gamers, that’s the purpose. Their target audience is a different type of individuals. Look at who is currently playing pokemon go. Totally dull working individuals over 40 with too much time to wasteenough cash to spend it on cellular crap without a sense of achievement whatsoever in their usual’s sad that this is the way the video market is moving. Seems like there’s no stopping it. I don’t see it getting better. But I doubt that will last forever.

I hear elitist Tes player’s state all of the time The Elder Scrolls Blades is destroying the Elder Scrolls Blades series, but then some shit like this come out and its like ummm really The Elder Scrolls Blades is your matter here? I mean, what else could you expect from a game that is f2p? I’ve only ever seen just a couple of matches that are good and not. Great. You could donate, if you’d like. I am refering to Pixel Dungeon.I think the major takeaway here is that each of these kinds of buy TESO Blades Gold games are only designed to make people fall prey to a gaming addition in games. This material ought to be prohibited.