Among the developers reacted, shockingly,”Would you guys not even have mobiles?” As though Diablo Immortal Gold was the problem with Diablo: Immortal. Obviously the BlizzCon attendees have mobiles –when they have wonderful gaming PCs chomping at the bit, ready to go for a 36, they just don’t want to play Diablo in their telephones.

So that’s the joke, if you ask me and it is pretty hilarious. It doesn’t answer the question posed from a Twitter user sans phone (I suppose if you can’t download the program you can not get a free burger, and I guess that is a shame because anyone who can not afford a telephone and a free app could probably use one) but it’s brought joy to this author. Oh well. I will choose the schadenfreude.

Blizzard announced a new cellphone game throughout BlizzCon this past year. Diablo Immortal was the large reveal during the publication’s keystone occasion and gamers were not happy.The show wasn’t satisfied with applause or excitement. Instead, a collective sigh filled the area, followed closely by stunned disbelief and then roiling anger.

Gamers were so miserable that one asked the studio when this was a delayed April Fool’s joke, a question most deemed inappropriate but which I find not only fitting but quite funny. All things considered, Blizzard is joking or entirely out of touch to declare this game in this fashion in front of the crowd.

It’s not that there is a Diablo game a bad idea in and of fast make Diablo Immortal Gold. It’s the combination of many factors conspiring to mad Blizzard’s most fervent fan base. Let’s look at the greatest missteps, overreactions and other assorted difficulties with this entire fiasco.Honestly, exactly what the hell has been Blizzard thinking announcing a cell game as the capstone show of the BlizzCon keynote event in front of its most passionate fans–all of whom are PC and console gamers first and foremost?