I will let you know why the fans are a lot of fucking whining sluts. He was pumped up he reversed his MLB The Show 19 Stubs Bat big fucking deal LOL Texas got eliminated first round and then what do the Rangers do they had been so bitter and pissed off because they dropped and Jose flipped his Bat.

So they waited until the final meeting between both clubs during the regular time to do something about it. Now that is really pathetic! And then the Blue Jays remove them at a sweep! So the Texas Rangers fans can say anything they want it does not matter. I understand bull shitters, you’re a bull shitter. You don’t have any idea guy so now you have to lie to make it seem as if you do. Anybody that played a team sport would know that when one jumps in we all jump in. That’s always the mentality. The fact that you’re asking the question implies you don’t understand that. And if you don’t understand that, it is because you played.

I was answering someone else’s question and he responded to methe exact same way you’re doing today. I didn’t state anything to this guy, dumb dumb! I can care less if she cares about my opinion. Exactly the identical way I do not care about your stupid opinion. However, I guess you all feel like you need to be heroes. It is logical, particularly for him. He won’t get into a fight on the field when his friends need him, but he has the balls to open his mouth online. You little turd bags are the same. I recall buy MLB 19 Stubs the pirates destroyed Max Scherzer’s best match by jumping before a ball. I moved to the next game of that show, where my dad and I got very good seats, in screaming distance of the batter. And he looked directly at me.